Launch a job board that gets you paid. Without code.

Launch in 5 minutes and customize it as you go. Make employers pay to post when you are ready.

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RoleUp easy set up

Easy to set up

No technical knowledge needed to publish your job board. Create, customize and publish your job board in a few clicks.

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RoleUp relevance

Relevant for your community

Do you need more jobs to boost your board? RoleUp gathers relevant jobs for you.

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RoleUp monetization

An income stream for you

Are there employers interested in posting to your job board? Give them the opportunity to post a job opening, either paid or for free. You pick the price, we deal with the rest.

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How does a RoleUp job board look?

With the demo you can test the employer experience from A to Z. To post an offer on RoleUp is easy, quick and guided. Try it yourself.

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RoleUp is 100% free. All the features are free. There is no cost to start a job board and no cost to use it later.

RoleUp and you, a win-win relationship

We make money when you make money. If you make employers pay to post their offers, we take a cut (20%) on what employers pay.

When your job board is doing well, we do well.
Your success is our success.

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